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As a muralist having grown up in and around Burlington, VT it is of upmost importance that I work with locally owned and operated businesses in places I feel are contributing to the community health. I began to design and paint Murals in the winter of 2016 and since have developed a portfolio of four public art pieces housed in Vermont. When I approach a project to transform a blank wall into a piece of art, I consider symbolic meaning, location as well as the health of the space as I merge natural scenery with elements of tarot, sacred geometry, celestial bodies and spirit. This opportunity to work on such a large scale is both a physical and creative stretch.

I can paint anywhere, inside/ outside/ ceilings/ etc... However the more unique, the better! My motivation is to get murals up and seen in our town!

Other creative outlets range from fiber work to illustration, photography, multimedia and sculptural works. Please check out my other pages or follow me on Instagram @sunnvadutcher to see more of the work I offer.

* Prints currently unavailable, however please contact for commission and mural project quotes or to purchase an existing piece *



Burlington Beer Co.
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