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As a muralist having grown up in and around Burlington, VT it is highly important to me that I work with locally owned and operated businesses in places I feel are contributing to the community and healthy spaces. I can paint anywhere, inside/ outside/ ceilings/ etc... however I am particularly interested in painting murals in bathrooms because they are a sort of hidden spot that can really be transformed into a unique experience if you go in- not unlike a secret garden.

Some logistics around pricing: I charge by the square foot on a scale depending on complexity of the work. This is better for everyone than by-the-hour as I am offered more wiggle room to get your mural perfect instead of counting minutes. This also it means included touch ups if necessary down the road for you! Barter and trade are welcome to make pricing friendly. My motivation is to get murals up and seen in our town!

Also available for exhibits and commissions. Please check out my other pages or follow me on Instagram to see more of the work I offer beyond murals.



Burlington Beer Co.
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